What to do in Bucharest in December

If you have planned your trip to Bucharest for the holidays, you are in for a wonderful experience. Bucharest is an entertaining city all year round, but the holidays make it extra fun.

Here are a few things you can do during the holidays in Romania’s capital city:

Visit the Christmas Fair

The annual Christmas fair is a chance for locals and tourists to get into the holiday mood. Hosted in front of the Palace of Parliament (Piata Constitutiei), it is the perfect place to get a complete holiday experience. There is an ice rink, food and beverage stands, gift stands, a carousel and, of course, Santa is waiting for children to tell him what they want for Christmas.

The fair is open daily from 11:00 until 22:00, until December 26th.

TIP: If you want to have the full fair experience, it is best to visit during the weekend evenings, when the stage hosts different singers and bands and the lights of the fair are on. But be warned, there is likely to be a crowd. For a leisurely experience, weekdays are best.

Take a ride through the city at night to see the lights

All the main boulevards are lit up during the holidays, so taking a night ride can be fun and romantic. Rent a car and drive around the city center (or you can take a Lime scooter if you are not afraid of the cold). Start from the Balcescu Boulevard, driving through Vasile Lascar Boulevard, Aviatorilor Boulevard and circle back on Kiseleff Boulevard and down the Victoriei Avenue.

Listen to a Christmas concert at St Joseph’s Cathedral

St. Joseph’s cathedral is known for its carols and organ concerts during the winter holidays. Check online to see when the next concert is. You can visit their Facebook page here.

Take a day trip to the castles

If you are here for several days, don’t miss a trip to Bran and Peles. The two castles are worthy the trip and the snow adds to their mistery and elegance. You can see both in the same day, and we recommend taking a guided trip. Contact us to book a trip for you (it also includes a stop in Brasov, where you can visit their Christmas fair as well).

Party like the Romanians on New Year’s Eve

Romanians like to party and they celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. If you have a bigger budget dedicated for the night between years, you can buy a ticket to one of the classy clubs in Bucharest and enjoy a lavish New Year’s Eve party. If you wish to have a more budget friendly NYE, you can always go to the Old City and migrate between clubs until you find the one that better suits your music taste. Also, if you are one for a concert on NYE, the city hall is hosting a concert in Piata Constitutiei (the one where the Xmas fair is). For this one, the entrance is free.

TIP: Taxis are very expensive on NYE. This applies for UBER and BOLT too. We recommend staying out until the morning so you can take the subway back. Or get some warm clothes and comfy shoes and walk home.

Relax like a pro

Just outside Bucharest there is a huge spa center where you can enjoy a swim, relax in dry and wet saunas and have drinks right in the pool. The best part is there is a free bus that takes you there. You can board it in Piata Romana. Just look for the bus that says THERME and get ready to relax.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy yourself, no matter the activities you choose. And if you haven’t booked your accommodation, do it now by clicking here.

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that throughout the holidays streets can get pretty busy and shopping centers and other spots can be crowded, so arm yourself with patience and holiday cheer.