Terms and conditions

Dear guests,

We want to offer you an unforgettable experience at Rezident and that is why we have established a series of principles and rules that we respectfully ask you to take into account both during and after your stay has ended. The regulation applies to all guests, who accept it by the very fact of their accommodation in our apartments/rooms and must comply with it without limits or reservations.


Reservations are made directly on the website www.rezident.ro or at the e-mail address hello@rezident.ro or at the telephone number 0757769030. Guests who have booked their stay through a partner agent, have the obligation to adhere to the regulations mentioned below. Reservations will be maintained, guaranteed and canceled depending on the booking channel and the payment policy adopted. Rezident customers will refer to the payment regulations displayed on the booking platform, to the regulations on www.rezident.ro or to the contracts signed with the direct partners for the above mentioned conditions.


Any cancellation of the apartment/room reservation will be sent in writing to the e-mail address hello@rezident.ro. The return value of the reservation will be made based on the payment policy under which the REZIDENT apartment/room was booked.


Rezident rates differ depending on the type of apartment/room you opt for, availability, day and season, and the number of people in the apartment/room (more details on the booking page).

For more information, see our website www.rezident.ro

Arrival and departure

Rezident Balcescu, Eminescu and Predeal

Check-in from 15:00

Check-out before 11:00

Rezident Corbu, Tomis Marina and Eforie Nord

Check-in from: 16:00

Check-out before:10:00

If early check-in is requested, the request will be honored within the availability limit. If the request cannot be met, we provide a safe place to store luggage until check-in.

If on the last day of the stay you want to vacate the room after the check-out hour, the request will be honored only within the availability limit.

If guests’ luggage remains in the room after the check-out hour, they will pay an additional room use fee of 500 lei.

In case the room is not vacated until the check-out hour and another guest must stay in the respective apartment starting with the check-in hour, we reserve the right to collect the clients’ luggage from the room and to store them in a secure space. In this situation it is considered that we have the client’s consent to collect his luggage and he cannot later claim, in any way, the disappearance / loss of luggage / personal belongings or violation of privacy by the fact that his luggage was collected and stored by Rezident staff. The client will pay an additional fee for non-compliance with the check-out time of 500 lei.

Guests who vacate the rooms until the maximum check-out hour permitted can leave their luggage in a dedicated space, for a period of 24 hours at no extra cost, if this service is available in the respective Rezident location.

For luggage stored for more than 24 hours, storage costs will be applied.

All requests for check-in and check-out at times other than those provided, will be clarified and honored only to the extent that we do not have firm confirmations for those accommodations.

A stay of less than 24 hours is charged for the price of a full day.

Accommodation for children 0-2 years

Accommodation for children aged 0-2 will be free of charge, and existing beds will be used, within the limit of 2 children per apartment (except for REZIDENT Corbu where there is a limit of 2 adults +  1 child per room, and the child can be aged 0-18).

Please note that we have the possibility to offer baby cribs in the apartments for Rezident Balcescu, Rezident Eforie Nord and Rezident Tomis Marina, upon request and according to availability. Children older than 2 years must use one of the accommodation spaces in the apartment/room, either in bed or on the sofa bed and they will be counted as adults. The Rezident team cannot provide extra beds. Accommodation of groups larger than the maximum capacity of the apartment will not be possible, even if the reservation has been paid.

Accommodation for minors

The minor is a person who has not reached the age of 18.

Rezident does not accept the accommodation of minors who are unaccompanied by their parents or legal representatives, except for those on hikes, camps, excursions, competitions or other similar activities, accompanied by teachers, coaches and guides.


The guests have read the following rules and undertake to follow them:

– not to damage the apartment’s/room’s furniture, facilities or other decorative objects, otherwise they owe Rezident the amount equal to the value of the damaged object and the afferent labor of replacing/fixing it;

– not to take any objects from the Rezident apartment/room;

– to keep noise within a limit, so as not to disturb other guests;

– not to use towels or linen for: wiping dyed hair, removing make-up, cleaning shoes, suitcases, flooring, etc. Towels are for body use only. If towels or linen damaged by improper use of the tourist are identified, they will be charged as damage and will be paid for by the responsible tourist. Otherwise, Rezident reserves the right to cancel the tourist’s reservation and to evacuate without refunding the value of the services paid.

– not to enter without permission in other Rezident rooms or the spaces intended only for Rezident staff;

– to register any persons who come to visit, not being accommodated in Rezident apartments/rooms; their entry into the apartments/rooms will be made only after identification and registration at the Rezident contact number;

– to limit the number of people accommodated to the maximum capacity of the apartment/room (children over 2 years old being considered adults). Accommodation of groups larger than the capacity of the Rezident apartments/rooms will not be allowed.

– not to leave children unattended in any of the Rezident spaces; any accident caused by the non-supervision of children in the Rezident premises is not our responsibility but that of the person who accompanies the children and is in charge of their supervision;

– to announce as soon as possible any failure of appliances, installations or other technical / furniture non-conformities in the apartments/rooms;

– any accident caused by the improper use of the equipment or the use of the Rezident facilities without complying with the corresponding security regulations, is not our responsibility;

– after use and before leaving the apartment/room, unplug the chargers of electrical / electronic devices (laptop, mobile phone, camera, etc.) from the sockets;

– it is strictly forbidden to introduce weapons, knives or tear gas in the Rezident apartments/rooms. According to Romanian legislation, the consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances is prohibited and punishable by law;

– to not throw objects in the toilet that could lead to damage to the waste collection station;

– nudism or any form of exhibitionism is not allowed within Rezident spaces;

– garbage and household waste will be stored in the garbage bins located in the accommodations, following that, before check-out guests will store the garbage at the place indicated by the Rezident team at the time of their accommodation;

– it is not allowed to bring inside the Rezident apartments any objects / goods that emit a persistent and foul smell;

– parents, guardians or companions are responsible for the actions of minors and have to take care of them, respectively that they behave civilly and do not disturb other guests;

– please inform the Rezident staff about any food or other allergy or intolerance;

– it is not allowed to run or practice any sport in the lobby or in the Rezident halls;

Dress Code

Rezident does not practice a special dress code, but we recommend decency and respect for both other guests and staff.

Payment methods

For the payment of Rezident services we accept payments via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), cash (RON) and by bank transfer (for invoicing, please present at the accommodation the PO issued by the bank). Rezident accommodations accept holiday vouchers issued by Sodexo, Up Romania and Edenred (in case of payment with holiday vouchers, the reservation is confirmed only when receiving and validating the validity of the vouchers, please pay special attention: do not perforate, do not stick, do not fold, does not staple vouchers and keep their barcode intact to maintain validity).

Excepting the contracts already concluded and the reservations paid in advance, we inform you that payment or pre-authorization of the card is mandatory at the time of accommodation (check-in).

Bonuses and service costs

Bonuses for hotel staff are at the discretion of the guests.


Traditional smoking and electronic cigarettes are not allowed inside Rezident accommodation, according to the applicable legislation.

Rezident has arranged outdoor spaces for smokers (in the inner courtyard of the building) in the Rezident location on Balcescu Boulevard no. 26 (Bucharest) and on the balconies of the apartments in Eforie Nord, Apolonia Complex. At Rezident Corbu you can smoke outside on the terraces and at Rezident Tomis Marina you can smoke on the balconies/terraces.

Rezident has only non-smoking accommodations, smoking inside the apartments/rooms is strictly prohibited. If the provisions of this regulation are not observed and the guests smoke in the apartment/room, a fee of 500 lei will be applied, representing the cleaning / sanitation services of the apartment/room.


Rezident Balcescu, Tomis Marina, Eminescu and Predeal regulations do not allow the accommodation of people accompanied by animals and birds. 

Exception is made for Rezident Eforie Nord apartment no. 59 which allows guests to bring their pets and Rezident Corbu which is a pet-friendly location and allows our guests to bring their pets regardless.

Airport transfer (for Bucharest guests only)

Rezident offers paid private transfers. Please contact us at the phone number 0757769030 for more details and to confirm reservations.


No parking is available at the following properties: Rezident Eminescu, Rezident Balcescu, Rezident Predeal.

Parking is available for selected apartments in Rezident Eforie Nord and Rezident Tomis Marina. Please note that we cannot be held accountable for any damages incurred by the vehicles parked or in transit.

At Rezident Corbu there is parking available.

Security of personal items

Rezident is equipped with approved electronic systems for monitoring access to the room.

We do not assume any responsibility for forgotten, lost or allegedly stolen items inside the Rezident accommodation.

Special assistance

Our desire is to ensure the best conditions for people with disabilities.

Most of the spaces in our locations are accessible, there are no level differences in the apartments or in the hallways. Upper floors are accessible via elevator (Exception: Rezident Predeal, where the access to the apartment is exclusively via stairs). Please note that there are stairs at the entrance to the locations, without a ramp (Except for Rezident Eforie Nord and Rezident Tomis Marina, where there are ramps at the entrance to the buildings).

At Rezident Corbu, due to the wild natural surroundings, access is made only through a dirt ramp that will take you to our courtyard where you can find an alley paved with wood and gravel, the access to each room has small level differences therefore, please take into consideration these inconveniences.

If you need special assistance of any kind, please let us know in advance so that we can offer you a pleasant stay.

Confidentiality of information

If you contact us by e-mail, fax or through the website, we reserve the right for the data concerning you to be processed for direct marketing purposes.

We will never use your name or other information about you without your prior consent. You will be able to let us know if you would like to receive this information in the future.

Processing of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 on the processing of personal data and its free movement, HARAS S.R.L. (the company holding the registered trademark Rezident), as well as PARALIA MANAGEMENT S.R.L. have the obligation to manage safely and only for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, the personal data provided to them by individual customers and  representative images.

HARAS S.R.L. as well as PARALIA MANAGEMENT S.R.L. processes personal data in order to provide accommodation services, for the following purposes:

  •         Booking rooms/apartments and other tourist services; the processing of personal data is done on the basis of a legal obligation;
  •         Confirmation of reservations and pre-authorization of cards, based on the legitimate interest of the company;
  •         Invoicing of tourist accommodation services, according to legal obligations;
  •         To communicate with you for various purposes, such as finding out what you think about our services, resolving various complaints or providing you with personalized, timely, electronic or telephone services, having the legitimate interest of the company as legal basis for processing;
  •         Providing information by e-mail, special offers, events and / or other forms of advertising, having your consent as legal basis for processing;
  •         Providing information by email or telephone, regarding forgotten objects, receiving parcels, messages, having legitimate interest as legal basis for processing.

Rezident customers provide the data requested by HARAS S.R.L / PARALIA MANAGEMENT S.R.L. in order to carry out or initiate legal relations with the companies, in compliance with legal provisions.

The refusal of individuals to provide this data determines the inability of our companies to provide you with the requested services, making it impossible to comply with the requirements of special regulations in the hotel and tax field.

Consent to the processing of personal data (telephone number, e-mail address) is given voluntarily. This consent may be revoked at any time, with subsequent effect, by a free notice to HARAS S.R.L. The notification of revocation of consent can be made for example by e-mail at hello@rezident.ro. Please note that the revocation of consent does not affect the legality of the use of the data before the withdrawal of consent (the notification has no retroactive effect). If the consent is not given or has been revoked, we will be unable to provide the requested services and personal data will not be used for communication, marketing and feedback. If you have any questions regarding this statement of consent or data protection by HARAS S.R.L., please do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer at the e-mail address: ionela_craciun@rezident.ro.

In accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016, individuals have the following rights: the right to receive information on the processing of personal data and a copy of the data processed, the right to intervene, to oppose, to rectify, to withdraw consent at any moment, the right to request the deletion of data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

To exercise these rights, you can contact our data protection officer at any time at the e-mail address: ionela_craciun@rezident.ro by a written request, dated and signed, which will mention the data on which the right is requested.

For more information please consult the Personal Data Protection Regulation available at hello@rezident.ro

HARAS S.R.L. is registered with the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing, General Register Number: 22447.

PARALIA MANAGEMENT S.R.L. is registered with the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing, General Register Number: 11636.

Personal data belonging to Rezident customers are processed in good faith and in accordance with the legal provisions currently in effect. They are collected only for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes, and further processing will not be incompatible with those purposes.

Personal data are processed in accordance with the rights of the data subject. The persons whose data are processed, have the right to obtain from HARAS S.R.L./ PARALIA MANAGEMENT S.R.L., upon request and free of charge, for their data to be rectified, updated, blocked or deleted, if the processing does not comply with EU Regulation 679/2016 or the data are incomplete or inaccurate.

The data subject has the right to object at any time, for justified and legitimate reasons, to the data concerning him being processed, with the exceptions provided by law. In the event of justified opposition, the processing of the data may no longer target the data in question. The data subject also has the right to object, at any time and free of charge, without any justification, to the data concerning him being processed for direct marketing purposes, on behalf of the Operator or a third party or to be disclosed to third parties. For this, the data subject will address a written request, dated and signed, and the measures taken by the Operator will be communicated within 15 days from the date of the request.

Environmental protection policy

Environmental protection is a permanent concern for us, so we promote a responsible attitude in this regard.

The detergents used by our partners for washing and sterilizing linen, towels, tablecloths and bathrobes are biodegradable, and saving them means better preservation of the environment.

Towels are changed in the middle of the stay for accommodation of more than 4 days. The linen is changed with the intermediate cleaning and is offered to customers with a stay of more than 7 days, every 7 days of accommodation. Services of towel change, linen change and extra cleaning can be requested for a fee (subject to availability).

Disputes and complaints

We reserve the right to debit the card to our guests, regardless of their wishes, in at least the following cases:

– left the Rezident premises without paying for the services they received;

– caused degradation or destruction;

– they left with objects that do not belong to them and whose value they did not pay;

– did not cancel the reservation within the established term.

Any controversy, dispute or complaint that may arise from the application of these terms and conditions, will be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, it will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts.

  Guests removal  policy 

The customer must comply with Rezident norms. He will have to respect other guests and the norms of social coexistence.

Also, Rezident clients must take care of the goods and property left in their use during the accommodation period.

Any violation of hotel usages or of the moral and social norms of coexistence gives Rezident the right to immediately terminate the contract / accommodation, without any notice.

We reserve the right to refuse the accommodation of drunk, rude or turbulent customers, who by their attitude harm the image of Rezident or disturb other customers. The equivalent value of any destruction or degradation of the material goods belonging to Rezident will be borne by those guilty of their production.

We reserve the right to evacuate guests with an inappropriate attitude, from the Rezident premises.

Taking into account the above, we reserve the right to select our customers.

We do not agree with: uncivilized or aggressive behavior, obscene physical or verbal manifestations, inappropriate tone, insults, physical, sexual harassment or any physical or mental abuse of a person, guest or any person in the Rezident staff.

Rezident management may cease to provide services to those guests who do not comply with the Hotel Regulations.

Services offered

Guests staying in the Rezident apartments benefit from a preferential offer of free and paid services. For paid services, you can get additional information at the Rezident contact number (some services have limited availability).

Water 7 lei/bottle 1L bottle of water
Towels 10 lei/pers 1 face towel and a body towel
Linens 35 lei/double bed bed sheet, 2 pillowcases, quilt sheets
Cleaning 75 lei 1 bedroom
100 lei 1 bedroom + sofa (when the sofa is extended)
120 lei 2 bedrooms
150 lei 2 bedrooms + sofa (when the sofa is extended)

Rezident also offers services such as tours, rent-a-car, massage, through authorized partners. Offers related to services provided by third parties are constantly updated and are available upon request at the Rezident contact number.

Final terms

We consider that any customer, when accessing any service offered by Rezident, became aware of the terms and conditions mentioned above and tacitly accepted them.

Changes to terms and conditions

The terms and conditions may be changed by Rezident at any time, without prior notice.


Privacy policy

Respecting the right to protection of personal data, as well as the right to privacy is one of the missions fully and consciously assumed by the staff and management of REZIDENT-SC. HARAS SRL. / SC PARALIA MANAGEMENT SRL.

The serviced apartments in Bucharest and Predeal are managed by the company HARAS SRL, based in Eforie Sud, str. Ion Movila no. 21, Jud. Constanța, registered at the Trade Register under no. J13 / 4702/1994, unique registration code RO 6739127, as operator.

The serviced apartments in Eforie Nord, Tomis Marina and Corbu  are managed by the company SC PARALIA MANAGEMENT SRL based in Eforie Sud, N. Filipescu, nr 26, Jud. Constanța, registered at the Trade Register under no. J13 / 703/2017, unique registration code 37240215, as operator.

Thus, we take all necessary steps to process your personal data in accordance with the principles established by the data protection legislation applicable in Romania, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with concerning the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (“GDPR”).

We address below all the topics listed:

– What kind of personal data do we process?

– Personal data of minors

– Sensitive data

– For what purpose and on what basis do we process your personal data?

– To whom do we transmit your personal data?

– Do we collect personal data from third parties?

– Do we transfer your data outside the EU / EEA?

– Your providing of personal data of other individuals

– How long do we keep your personal data?

– What are your rights?

– Is your data safe?

– Links to other websites

– Questions or complaints

– Policy changes


What kind of data do we process?

If you were / are a client of REZIDENT or a potential future client according to your reservation, we collect personal data as a result of most interactions with you, as well as in other aspects of our business.

The categories of personal data we collect are:

  1. a) name and surname, e-mail address, serial number and identity card number, telephone number and address;
  2. b) bank card data (card type, credit / debit card number, cardholder name, expiration date);
  3. c) information about the client’s stay, including arrival and departure date, special requirements, special preferences;
  4. d) the information you may provide about your consumer preferences;
  5. e) the personal data provided by you in order to enroll in our loyalty program;
  6. f) photos / videos taken on different occasions in the apartments;
  7. g) information about the vehicles that you may park inside our property;
  8. h) reviews and opinions regarding the services you have benefited from;
  9. i) any other type of information you choose to provide us.

Also, video surveillance cameras and other legal security measures located on the perimeter and inside the premises, can capture or record generic images of the spaces, and by consequence the images of customers in different public areas, such as: the entire perimeter, respectively the entrances to the hotel, halls, the reception area. Records are kept for the duration required by law, also offering chronological information for locating your presence in different spaces.

By using the access cards/codes to the room provided by the hotel reception, the system records each time you use the key, but the information can be accessed only if needed, such as an investigation in case of the disappearance of a good in the room, electromagnetic lock being scanned to find out which cards/codes were used.

You can always choose what personal data you want to provide us with.

However, if you choose not to provide certain personal data, if the basis of our request is compliance with a legal obligation, contractual obligation or obligations necessary to conclude a contract, we may be unable to provide you with certain services, for example:

  •         if you do not wish to provide us with your first name, last name, e-mail address or telephone number, we will not be able to complete your reservation request.
  •         in the booking form you have a legal obligation to fill in upon arrival, you will have to enter certain personal data required by law, and if you do not want to fill in those mandatory fields, we will not be able to accommodate you in our apartments/rooms.
  •         if you are a potential employee, we collect information from your resume as well as any other information submitted with your resume and / or in the interviews you have attended.
  •         if you are a visitor of the REZIDENT apartments/rooms.

For the safety and comfort of all guests, the visit of a person not accommodated in the apartments can be made only if there is personal confirmation and acceptance of the accommodated customer. The procedure does not apply to visitors or customers in public areas, but video surveillance cameras and other legal security measures located on the perimeter and inside the hotel apartments may capture or record generic images of the spaces in which they will be seen as a consequence and images of any person from different public areas, such as: the entire perimeter, respectively the entrances to hotels, restaurants, halls, the reception area.

If you are a user of our site (www.rezident.ro), simply accessing the site does not lead to the collection of your personal data unless you voluntarily enter certain data (e.g. online bookings, online payments, vacancy applications, certain requests / requests, etc.). However, as with any computer equipment, the time and date of accessing the website and the IP address from which our website was accessed are collected.

If you are a representative or contact person of our suppliers or business partners, in the ongoing contracts and current procedures we collect the name, surname, position, telephone number, e-mail address, and any other data provided by you or by the company you represent in order to fulfill the contractual obligations assumed and for the necessary communications. If you are an employee, please read the employee privacy policy, notified at the time of employment and available at any time from the Human Resources Department.


Personal data of minors

For children under 18, we request consent from the parents or legal guardians to collect personal information such as name, surname, age, CNP (personal numeric code).

We protect the confidentiality of all data obtained from children under 18 years of age, or from the parents of these children. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot book or use accommodation without the presence of an adult. In order to benefit from services that involve the provision of personal information, children under the age of 18 must obtain the consent or authorization of the parents or guardian responsible for any provision of personal data.


Sensitive Data

The term “sensitive data” refers to racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, philosophical beliefs or trade union beliefs, and the processing of genetic data, biometric data, health data, or sexual life or sexual orientation data. We do not collect sensitive information unless you wish to provide it to us. We may use the health data you provide to provide better services and meet your special requirements (for example, preparing a menu to avoid certain allergens, providing access for people with disabilities, or providing an anti-allergic pillow).


For what purpose and on what basis do we process your personal data?

If you are a customer:

  1. a) Accommodation services

Purpose: we process your personal data to ensure accommodation in our apartments/rooms;

Grounds: at the time of accommodation, according to the legal provisions in force, you are obliged to complete the contract for services on arrival which contains a minimum of data necessary to ensure your accommodation and to issue an invoice containing the data required by law.

  1. b) The relationship with the clients / services provided to the clients inside the apartments/rooms (cleaning service, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc)

Purpose: we process your personal data in order to offer you a pleasant experience and in accordance with your hotel standards and expectations.

Grounds: execution of the contract for the provision of accommodation services.

  1. c) Profiling

Purpose: in order to provide personalized services, certain special preferences of yours (for example: if you prefer the rooms/apartments on the upper or lower floors, for which package of services you opt, etc.) are stored so that when you return, we will already know your preferences.

Grounds: consent

  1. d) Opinions about your visit at REZIDENT apartments/rooms;

Purpose: we process your personal data to ensure that you have had a pleasant experience in our locations.

Grounds: our legitimate interest in constantly improving the accommodation services we offer to our clients.

  1. e) Marketing

Purpose: we process your personal data for marketing purposes, such as regular information on tariffs or special offers for the next period, marketing communications on new products and services we initiate or tariff reductions that may be of interest to you, anniversary messages.

Grounds: we rely on the legitimate interest in promoting our services by submitting offers that we consider to be of interest to you, insofar as you are already a loyal client or have opted for our property and we have found that you have been satisfied with services you have received (see “Right to Opposition” in the “Your Rights” Section).

If necessary, in accordance with applicable law, we will obtain your consent before processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes. In this case, we inform you that you may withdraw your consent for processing at any time for marketing purposes, in which case you will not receive any marketing communication from us. Please give us an email at hello@rezident.ro to unsubscribe.

Also, on the occasion of organizing certain events within our apartment/rooms it is possible to take generic, atmosphere photos, and some of these could be distributed online to show other customers the ambiance and the level of our events. In any case, because we take into account your right to privacy, we make sure that the photos do not feature people in the foreground, doing everything possible to keep guests informed whenever we intend to take photos (for objections for our photos, see “Right to Opposition” in the “Your Rights” Section).

  1. f) Other communications: by e-mail, mail, online applications, telephone or SMS

Purpose: these communications will be made for a specific reason such as:

(i) to respond to your requests,

(ii) if you have not completed an online reservation or a request for quotation, we may send you an email to remind you to complete the reservation,

(iii) to inform you of the manner in which complaints and / or incidents arising during your stay have been resolved.

Legal basis: our legitimate interest to provide services to the assumed standards, including promptly resolving any requests or complaints, with maximum availability.

  1. g) Analysis, improvement and research:

Purpose: to ensure a consistent quality level of our services, we take care to analyze every suggestion or complaint from you, so we prepare statistical reports to identify problems, the degree of repetitiveness and to find the best solutions to remedy them.

Grounds: we rely on our legitimate interest to provide services that meet your hotel standards and expectations.

If you are a visitor in our locations

Purpose: we process your personal data according to legal provisions in order to ensure the necessary information to the institutions that verify the observance of the general rules for the protection of persons and goods within serviced apartments/rooms.

Grounds: our legitimate interest to limit the access of unknown persons inside the property, in order to ensure the protection of persons and property of customers / staff within the location.

If you are a user of our website (www.rezident.ro)

Purpose: traffic monitoring in order to identify errors and / or any other malfunction of the site

Grounds: we base this data processing activity on our legitimate interest, namely to provide you with a fully functional site by repairing any errors, as well as by continuously improving it.

If you are a representative or contact person of our suppliers or business partners

Purpose: to develop contractual relations with our suppliers or business partners.

Grounds: execution of a contract.

If you are a potential employee

Purpose: to evaluate your employment application.

Grounds: signing a contract.

If you are an employee

Please see the employee privacy policy, provided at the time of employment and available at any time at the Human Resources Department.

For all categories of people above, we can also process your data in the context of the following activities:

Internal restructurings or reorganizations or sales of assets or shares:

Purpose: we process your data to perform the operations mentioned above

Grounds: the legitimate interest in carrying out the operations, especially in the conditions in which they would be impossible to perform in the absence of processing of your data.

However, we assure you that this processing will be carried out in accordance with legal provisions and by implementing a measure to ensure the confidentiality of your data.


Purpose: we process personal data in order to fulfill the legal obligations regarding the protection of goods and the integrity of persons.

Grounds: we rely on our legitimate interest to ensure the protection of your property and the hotel, as well as the protection of persons within the perimeter of our hotel.

Legal reasons:

Purpose: in certain cases, we must process the information provided, which may include personal data, to resolve legal disputes or complaints, to investigate and comply with applicable legal regulations, to implement an agreement or to comply with the requirements of public authorities insofar as these requests meet the conditions imposed by law.

Grounds: the reasons for processing may be the legal obligation (if we have the legal obligation to disclose certain personal data to public authorities) or our legitimate interest in resolving any disputes and / or complaints to ensure that each time we provide the highest quality services.


To whom do we transmit your personal data?

In order to provide you with high quality services, we may pass on your personal information to our service providers and other third parties, as set out in detail below:

  1. a) Suppliers: in order to provide the requested services, in some cases, we will have to transmit some of your personal data to the suppliers, and they have the capacity of proxies and process the data on behalf of and in accordance with our instructions (such as software providers, IT, accounting services).
  2. b) Business partners: in certain cases, we partner with other companies to provide you with products, services or offers. For example, we can arrange renting a car or reserving tours.
  3. c) Co-sponsors of promotions: in certain cases, we co-sponsor promotions, raffles, competitions or contests with other companies or we can provide prizes for lotteries and contests sponsored by other companies. If you participate in these raffles or contests, we may transmit your personal data to the collaborating sponsor or a third party sponsor.
  4. d) Public authorities and / or institutions for:

(i) compliance with legal provisions,

(ii) responding to their requests,

(iii) reasons of public interest (e.g. national security).

For example, according to the regulations exposed in the Section “FOR WHAT PURPOSES AND ON WHAT BASIS DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA” letter b) any hotel unit is to send daily reports to the territorial police of the arrival and departure forms for each guest who arrived on the respective day. The confidentiality of your data is important to us, which is why, where possible, the transmission of personal data in accordance with the above is done only on the basis of a confidentiality commitment from the recipients, which guarantees that this data is kept safe and that the provision of this information is made in accordance with applicable law and applicable policies. In any case, each time we will send to the recipients only the information strictly necessary to achieve that goal.


Do we collect personal data from third parties?

In order to provide you with services within the assumed standards, we may collect information about you from our business partners and other third parties, as detailed below:

  1. a) Business partners: such as the travel agencies you use for your stay in our hotel, the partner card companies, the services related to social networks that are in accordance with the settings made by you for these services or other third party sources that are authorized by law to transmit your data to us.
  2. b) Co-sponsors of promotions: in certain cases, we co-sponsor promotions, raffles, competitions or contests with other companies or we can provide prizes for raffles and contests sponsored by other companies. If you participate in these raffles or contests, we may collect your personal data from the collaborating sponsor or a third party sponsor. In any case, we assure you that your data collected from third parties will be processed under the same conditions as if they were collected directly from you, respecting legal procedures. We will also collect only what is necessary to achieve our goals. (see Section “FOR WHAT PURPOSE AND ON WHAT BASIS DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA?”). In addition, when we contact you for the first time, we will inform you, first of all, of the source from which we obtained your personal data.


Do we transfer your personal data outside the EU / EEA?

No, we do not transfer your personal data outside the EU / EEA.


Your providing of personal data of other individuals

If you provide us with the personal data of other individuals, please obtain their consent before providing us with their personal data and communicate to them how they are to be processed, as described in this privacy policy.

(Ex: accommodation reservation for other people and specifications regarding the culinary consumption habits and locomotor problems).


How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data is retained for the entire period of achieving the purposes detailed in this policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by applicable law (for example, surveillance camera records will not be retained for more than 30 days). We constantly review the need to retain your personal data, and to the extent that processing is no longer necessary and there is no legal obligation to retain data, we will destroy your personal information as soon as possible and in a manner that does not make it possible for it to be recovered or reconstituted (for example, we will delete / destroy all data of people who were not hired after the interviews). If personal information is printed on paper, it will be securely destroyed using a paper shredder, and if it is saved on electronic media, it will be erased by technical means to ensure that the information can no longer be recovered or reconstituted later.


What are your rights?

As a data subject, you benefit from the following rights provided by GDPR:

  1. a) The right of access: you can request from us

(i) a confirmation of whether or not personal data are processed and, if so, access to and information on those data, and

(ii) a copy of your personal data that we hold (Article 15 of the GDPR);

  1. b) The right of rectification: you can inform us about any change in your personal data or you can ask us to correct the personal data we hold about you (art. 16 of the GDPR);
  2. c) The right to be erased (“the right to be forgotten”) in certain situations, such as:

(i) where the data were collected illegally,

(ii) the deadline for storing data has expired,

(iii) you have exercised your right to object,

(iv) the data processing is performed on the basis of consent and you have withdrawn your consent, you can ask us to delete the personal data we hold about you (art. 17 of the GDPR);

  1. d) The right to restrict processing: in certain situations (such as the case where the accuracy of these data or the legality of the processing is contested), you can ask us to restrict the processing of your data for a certain period (art. 18 of the GDPR);
  2. e) The right to data portability: to request us to send your personal data to a third party or directly to you (art. 20 of the GDPR);
  3. f) The right of opposition: in certain situations (such as processing based on a legitimate interest), you can ask us not to process your data (art. 21 of the GDPR); If we use your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. In this situation, your data will no longer be processed by us, unless a legal provision obliges us to keep and archive them. In any case, we will inform you if there is such a legal provision and we will expressly indicate it.


Is your data safe?

We take your personal security seriously, which is why we take important security measures to protect against unauthorized access to data or unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of data. This involves internal reviews of data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, as well as physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access to the systems where we store personal data. We also ask our service providers as well as business partners to take all necessary measures to protect against unauthorized access to data or unauthorized modification, disclosure or destruction of data.


Links to other sites

Our website contains links to third party sites. Please note that we do not assume any responsibility for the collection, use, storage, sharing or disclosure of data or information by such third parties. If you use or provide information on third party sites, the terms and privacy policy of those sites apply. We advise you to read the privacy policy of the sites you visit before submitting personal data. The use of the internet services offered by www.rezident.ro falls under the incidence of the terms of use and the privacy policy of the internet providers. You can access the respective terms and policies using the links on the authentication page of the respective service or by visiting the website of the internet provider.


Questions or complaints

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data or if you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned above, you are welcome to contact our Personal Data Protection Officer using the Contact Form or by sending an e-mail to the following address: hello@rezident.ro and we will reply you within 30 days from receiving the request. For any additional information, you can call us at 0744.64.61.97. If you are not satisfied with the way in which your request has been resolved, you can submit a complaint to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing.


Policy changes

This privacy policy may be modified in accordance with changes in data policy legislation or based on changes in our services or organization. If we make material changes to this, we will post a link to the revised policy on the main page of our site. If we make significant changes that will have an impact on your rights and freedoms (for example, when we begin processing your personal data for purposes other than those specified above), we will contact you before we begin such processing. To help you keep track of the most important changes, we’ll include a history of changes below to recognize changes to this policy. Last updated: June 9, 2020